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Workshops and master classes


Give your students the opportunity to learn about the Taubman Approach.


I will come to your educational institution to hold a master class or a workshop on the Taubman Approach.


For more information, please call me at 514 937-8651 or use the form in the Contact section.


Since 2014, our events, workshops and master classes have been hugely successful within the piano community across the province, and have welcomed participants from all over Canada.


Students of all levels, teachers, accompanists, professional pianists and music lovers of all ages have learned the tools needed to overcome physical and technical limitations to be able to play with greater ease and expression.

February 17, 2018


This event was held at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. Programme: Introduction to the Taubman Approach, a lecture by Audrey Marshall. Single rotation, an element of virtuosity, a lecture by Mariko Sato. Three master classes with Mary Moran.

November 30, 2017


Three classical piano students from Sonia Wheaton Dudley’s class performed a work and had a public lesson with guest teacher Mariko Sato. The event was held at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) Music Department.

February 18, 2017


Organized by Mariko Sato, the workshop was held at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. Programme: Introduction to the Taubman Approach – Searching for and finding the fingerings that lead to freer expression, a lecture by Mariko Sato. Understanding the Musical Score – How to physically interpret the composer’s blueprint for sound with ease and freedom, a lecture and master class by Mary Moran. Using in and out movements in the pursuit of ease and freedom, a lecture by Audrey Marshall.

I truly appreciated the clarity of both Mariko Sato and Mary Moran, whose remarks were captivating as always. Ms. Moran’s skill in welcoming and guiding students is truly remarkable.

– M. L., pianist and pedagogue (Montréal)

My sincere thanks for inviting me to include my students in the master class. It was wonderful, and I received very positive feedback from my students, both those who played and those who only audited. They got a great deal of concrete information, some clear principles they are beginning to apply, and it is so inspiring that it’s already making a difference in their playing.

– A. G.-C., pianist (Montréal)

The lecture and the master class gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the Taubman technique and to learn how it applies to pianists and teachers as well as to children (for whom learning to play piano without pain or tension is an invaluable asset).

– D. L. (Toronto)

Mary Moran has a deep understanding […]  that enables her to arrive at the root causes of technical difficulties and ultimately arrive at solutions for both students and professional pianists.

– M. B. (Saskatoon)

The master class and lectures were particularly well organized. There was a good flow to the different activities, with just the right amount of time allocated to each part. Mary was insightful, interesting, and helped the students to solve their problems quickly and effortlessly. I’d highly recommend this workshop to any performer and/or teacher looking to expand their knowledge and proficiency.

– G. A., pedagogue (Montréal)

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