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Piano Keys


The Taubman Approach is a groundbreaking analysis of the mostly invisible motions that function underneath a virtuoso technique. The resulting knowledge makes it possible to help pianists overcome technical limitations as well as cure playing-related injuries.


As an Associate Faculty Member and Certified Associate Teacher with the Golandsky Institute, I have taught the Taubman Approach since 2006.


I help professional pianists, college and university students, piano teachers, accompanists, and music lovers of all ages to free themselves from physical and technical limitations in order to achieve effortless playing. My injury prevention training also enables me to help injured pianists and other instrumentalists.


I teach students from here and abroad at my private studio in Montréal as well as via Skype.


Wish to learn more about the Taubman Approach?

After a little more than a year of study under the direction of Mariko Sato, I am already able to appreciate every step of my learning journey. My playing is more natural, more accurate, more musical, and so more satisfying. The approach develops attention, concentration, discipline and patience – fully integrating mind, body, instrument and score – which also allows me to discover the deep meaning of the music.

– Y.B., pianist (Montréal)

The Taubman Approach enables me to deconstruct bad piano habits and to reconstruct my movements in a manner that is much better attuned to the instrument, to the body and to musical expression.

– F. L., pedagogue and pianist (Montréal)

Taking lessons with Mariko has profoundly changed my perspective on piano playing. During our lessons I have gained an understanding of what healthy piano technique looks and feels like. Mariko’s knowledge of the Taubman Approach, her mastery of the instrument and her analytical insight make her a first choice for pianists of any level who want to play better. Further, any instrumentalist who wants to recover from an injury or to learn to use his or her body in a healthier way would benefit from studies with Mariko.

– B. L., pianist and teacher (Edmonton)

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